Core Expertise

Andy Greenberg

For the business owner who requires construction of and execution on a wide funnel of counter-parties, there are now many excellent firms offering the industry knowledge, buyer relationships and staff infrastructure these situations require.

We believe there is scope in the market for a process that is as well suited to the client who has found its counter-party—or committed to a tightly focused group—and now requires assistance presenting the company, arriving at an initial bargain, and protecting that bargain on the path to closing.


  • One-off or focused sell side opportunities
  • Targeted acquisitions
  • Mergers or other strategic combinations
  • Proprietary transactions originated by us


Because GVC is not engaged in extensive counter-party cultivation and is not preparing information materials for parties unfamiliar with a given industry, we are able to apply our expertise across a wider range of industries than the typical boutique investment bank. We are most conversant with the issues and dynamics in: industrial and consumer products, distribution, business services and some health care services applications. Businesses whose value proposition relies on technology assets, real estate or oil & gas resources are outside of our core expertise.