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Is the GVC Approach Right for You?

Business owners who have identified the one party—or handful of likely parties—on the other side of the table often understand they need assistance beyond what their other advisors will provide, but wonder what an M&A advisor will do to add value  We’re able to attune our offering to the one-off or targeted transaction because it is our primary focus, not one we default into.  We are able to charge less than traditional investment banks because we are not required to utilize and pay for the platform required to execute on full-out auctions. 

The Greenberg Variations

The Greenberg Variations is a private newsletter summarizing Andy’s observations based on
GVC’s client experience, GF Data’s reporting activities and interactions with other deal professionals.

Managing the New Political Risk

GV Issue #22: June 2024

If you studied corporate finance or portfolio management 20 years ago, “political risk” tended to refer to a country’s stability in government and the transparency/integrity of its capital markets.

Those considerations still matter, but the deep polarization of government in the United States and other industrialized economies has given added weight to another kind of risk.

Business managers, investors and analysts now must assess the prospect of radically different standards in law, regulation and administration based on who is in power in a given jurisdiction.

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How to Have a Long Career

GV Issue #21: April 2024

The passing of a widely admired business friend leads Andy to reflect on the habits and practices that can support a long business career.

On March 31, Richard Jaffe passed away. Richard was 80 and a partner at the Duane Morris law firm in Philadelphia. He was widely admired as a leader in the legal profession, in the national deals community and in community affairs.

Like many, I relished my association with Richard. He was one of a handful of older friends I watched carefully and even emulated. I’ve always had the idea that I would work for a long time. Not everyone who wants to keep working gets to do it. Here are some observations gleaned from watching Richard and others who have mattered professionally into their 70s and beyond.

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Middle Market Musings

A podcast dedicated to the people and ideas of the Middle Market,
hosted by Andy Greenberg (GVC) and Charlie Gifford (New Heritage Capital).


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